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Anthony • Jul 22, 2022 • #chaos

The Chaos Theory Chaos PracticeChaos Theory Chaos Practice
I will be teaching a seminar called Chaos Theory, Chaos Practice as part of the Tufts Summer Accelerator program for high school students from July 10, 2022 to July 22, 2022. Here's the blurb I wro...
class ended last Thursday. There were 6 great students, all of whom were very engaged, asked lots of questions, and shared interesting ideas and tinkering.

Several of the students pointed out they liked the simulators I collected for the class, so I thought I would share some here. They should all run in your web browser.

A few additional sites that we did not use in the class but are similar:

My personal favorite is the recursive drawing tool. I managed to get something reminiscent of a Hilbert curve:

Hilbert-curve-like recursive drawing

…and almost managed a Sierpinski triangle:

Sierpinski-triangle-like recursive drawing

Toby Schachman, who built this as his thesis project, has a lot of fascinating work on his web site. Recursive drawing seems to have been inspired by Bret Victor’s work e.g. on Drawing Dynamic Visualizations.