Hi, my name's Anthony Bucci and I'm a computer scientist. Professionally, I have spent the last five years working on a large scale infrastructure simulation at EIS Council; NLP and ML at Legit.aiLegit.ai
A startup company I co-founded in 2016 while I was consulting between jobs. We explored using natural language processing techniques on US patent grants and Pubmed articles and built a couple proto...
; structured knowledge extraction at Tufts University; cybersecurity with Cienaga Systems; and computer science education research independently. A theme running through all this work, back to my modeling and simulation work at Icosystem and my PhD research, is the complexity of interactive domainsinteractive domains
A collection of one or more functions, called metrics, of the form $p\colon X_1\times X_2\times\cdots\times X_n\rightarrow R$, where

each $i$ with $1\leq i\leq n$ is a domain role
an element $...
. Such domains, as with most complex adaptive systems, involve interactions among multiple actors, with outcomes that can feed forward or feed back to influence future interactions. The resulting dynamics can be very difficult to comprehend without analytical and computational aids. I work on enhancing those computational aids through a variety of techniques.

My research activities: